Tobacco control research centres in New Zealand

Organisations with a sustained involvement in tobacco control research are listed. The principal (but not sole) focus of each organisation's tobacco control research is summarised in italics.

tobacco research hub map
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Centre for Tobacco Control Research, School of Population Health, University of Auckland – Māori and Pacific Island-focused projects focusing on reducing initiation, reducing smoking during pregnancy, improving cessation services and reducing health disparities due to smoking

Action on Smoking and Health New Zealand – an incorporated society that undertakes advocacy-led research to inform and advance tobacco control policy

Centre for Social and Health Outcomes Research and Evaluation, Massey University – surveys

School of Public Health & Psychosocial Studies, Auckland University of Technology – cessation; Asians and smoking

Clinical Trials Research Unit, School of Population Health, University of Auckland – conducting trials of cessation interventions, guideline development, tobacco control research

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Whakauae Research Services – independent researchers undertaking tobacco control research with emphasis on policy, health services research, evaluation, and primary prevention

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Te Pumanawa Hauora Māori Health Research Centre, Massey University – Māori health research, including tobacco smoking

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Health Promotion and Policy Research Unit, Wellington School of Medical Health, University of Otago, Wellington – policy oriented tobacco control research

Ministry of Health – national surveillance and monitoring; commissioning and funding research

Health Sponsorship Council – a Crown entity undertaking monitoring and formative, process, impact and outcome evaluations

Environmental Science and Research – a Crown research institute undertaking analyses of nicotine metabolism and tobacco constituents

The Quit Group – a charitable trust undertaking cessation research and evaluations

School of Medicine, University of Otago, Wellington – clinical trials of novel smoking cessation therapies

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Health New Zealand – independent researchers undertaking clinical trials and pharmacokinetic research on nicotine and tobacco, and risk profile testing of alternatives to smoking products

National Addiction Centre, University of Otago, Christchurch – efficacy of long term nicotine replacement therapy

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